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Our Process

Our process involves an appointment with Franz at your home to discuss a design and layout which best suits your space and meets your individual needs and requirements. He will then leave you to begin the planning, researching and pricing of all items. You will then receive a written proposal consisting of all costs and inclusions for your project. This can be emailed or if you prefer we can post all the information to you.

This proposal will include a full written quotation with a list of inclusions and exclusions and a computer aided drawing of the Kitchen Layout Plan and including 3 dimensional views so you can see your new kitchen design well before manufacture and installation begins and all in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Finished Kitchen By Franz HartlAt this stage there is no obligation for you to proceed further if you do not wish too and also there is no pressure for you to make a quick decision and sign on the "dotted line" like most other companies pressure you into doing. You have time to discuss and consider all aspects of the design with your partner and then feel free to make whatever changes you wish.

If you do decide you would like us to proceed with the work, then simply phone or email us. We will then make an appointment date which best suits both parties to come back to your home. We can even coordinate with your builder or other trades people to schedule to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible throughout the building and installation processes.

Franz will bring samples from our large range to help you select colours or you may already have selected your own colours elsewhere. He will thoroughly discuss with you each and every item listed in the Specification Sheet of your Contract. This part is the most important to ensure everything is correct and meets your final approval. You will also be given a copy of this Contract.

This will give you peace of mind that every item has been covered and nothing left unturned. You now have a written record covering all individual items in your kitchen and if there are any discrepancies after installation, they can be easily tracked and resolved quickly and efficiently.

Also while there, Franz will take the opportunity to re-check all room dimensions to ensure no mistakes were made upon taking measurements on his first visit at the design and quote stage.

When everything is in order, Franz will leave to begin the manufacture of your new kitchen. This normally takes 3 to 5 weeks depending on the kitchen size, materials availability, and work in progress. Franz will give you a tentative installation date and this will be recorded in the Payment Schedule section of your Contract.

Franz will contact you one week prior to kitchen installation date and confirm an install time with you to ensure this also works in with your schedule. Any other trades which are included in your Kitchen Contract will then be scheduled in for this installation date. This will also allow you time to organize and empty out your utensils from the old kitchen and if supplying your own trade’s people, then you have time to schedule them in so there are no hold ups on installation day.

Kitchen Under ConstructionOn installation day the kitchen will arrive and installation work will commence. This normally takes 1 day, depending on the size and other trade work involved.  Normally all appliances and services get connected the following day and you can now start re-stocking and using your new kitchen.  When all work is completed a site cleanup will be carried out and floors cleaned.  Your house will be as clean as when we first entered.  It is now time for you to look over your new kitchen and if there are any discrepancies, then we are there to resolve them immediately.

You are only required to pay the final payment on your new kitchen when you are 100% happy and satisfied with the job.

And please remember that for all of the time throughout the designing, quoting, building and installation processes you have communicated to one person only and not dozens like most other kitchen companies.

Franz will always return your calls promptly and turn up on time to scheduled appointments, so not to inconvenience you in anyway what so ever, as he knows time is important to most people who lead busy life styles and respects this.
You also have my mobile, home and office numbers and are always welcome to phone me at anytime regarding any queries you may have throughout our building process of your new kitchen.


Our Products and Services

  • Products: Kitchen Cabinets, Cupboards, Display Cabinets, Entertainment Units, Vanities, Fittings, Sinks & Taps, Appliances
  • Service: Cabinet Making, Custom Built, Design, Installation, and Project Management.
  • Brand: Blum, Vauth-Sagel, Laminex, Formica, Polytec, Flexi Panel, StyleLite, Caesarstone, Quantum Quartz, Trendstone.
  • Service Option: Free Consultations, Free Quotes
  • Kind: Contemporary, Two Pack, European, Traditional, Timber
  • Materials: Engineered Stone, Granite, Marble, Laminate, Stone, Timber, Glass
  • Type: Residential
  • Hours of Operation: Flexible Hours Open Monday - Friday
  • Payment Method: Cash, Cheques, Internet Transfer
  • Part: Cabinet Doors, Pantries, Bench tops, Wall Cupboards, Appliance installation, Electrical, Plumbing, Tiling, Plastering, Painting
  • Assurance: Australian Made, QBCC Licensed, Fully Insured
  • Ownership: Family Owned


A personal message from Franz

Measuring your New KitchenI know and understand planning a new kitchen can sometimes seem to be a daunting task for some. Something that should have been an enjoyous occasion can quickly turn into a living nightmare, especially if you get off on the wrong footing with incompetent dealers who insist only in designing and building what’s convenient to them and not considering your own personal needs and requirements and generally giving you the run around. This unethical behavior may soon discourage you from proceeding any further and in some cases derail your dream project indefinitely leaving you mentally fatigued and stressed out.

This need not happen, I can personally assure you of this through my own personalised care of honesty and integrity and attention to detail at all times. There are no salesmen who use pressure sales tactics or tricks. You are dealing directly with a fully qualified tradesperson (not salesmen) with over 30 years of hands on experience so all of the technical work and services can be explained to you from the very beginning of designing and planning of your new kitchen right through to manufacture and installation.

Only trust your own instincts and don’t be pressured into signing with anyone who displays unethical behaviour as to the likes of “we’ll give you a discount if you sign here today”, or “it is only discounted at this price today”. All of these (and there are a lot more) are tricks to lure you into signing and locking you into their contract. And as often, in the hast of signing you may have missed or they haven’t provided you with all the important information and you now decide you want out. This can sometimes be very difficult and normally results you in having to pay them a fee to relinquish yourself from the contract.

I hope this information has been of some value to you.
And I wish you all the best for your project and please proceed with caution.

Alternatively if you wish to go the stress free way, then please contact me on (07) 5547 0133 or mobile: 0418 876 970 or complete our online enquiry form to begin the process in making your dream kitchen becoming a reality the stress free way today.

Yours Sincerely


P.S.  I am so confident of my quality of service and workmanship that all I ask for is a 10% deposit and the rest on completion when you are 100% totally happy and satisfied with the job.

Please contact us to book your obligation free design and quote by completing our online enquiry form

Phone:  (07) 5547 0133
Mobile:  0418 876 970